Conference Venue

The conference will be held at BIAM Foundation , Eskaton , Dhaka, Bangladesh. Details of presentation rooms will be electronically sent to the registered delegates.

Presentation Room Equipment

Each presentation room will be equipped with a projector and laptop computer. Please bring your presentation on a USB or pen-drive. Delegates are requested to arrive at the venue during the Registration period so that their presentation can be uploaded to the laptop computer.

Session Timings

Delegates will have 20 minutes available for their presentation and feedback (15 minutes for presentation and 5  minutes for Question & Answer ).

Session Chair

Delegates who wish to take on the role of a Session Chair can nominate themselves on the Registration Form. The Session Chair will receive confirmation prior to the conference. A certificate will be issued to the Session Chair for the contribution. Session Chair must report in the prescribed form.

How to Effectively Utilize the Presentation Time:

You can spend maximum  2 minutes on “Introduction”: and focus on significance of your research or why you have done this research. Spend maximum 2-3 minus on literature review or past studies and methodology. Provide more importance on your experiments, findings and spend remaining time, say about 8-9 minutes on these issues. The last minutes should be spent on the significance or implications of your findings.